HELP is the mission strategy for Ax Church. This represents four main groups of people which need the assistance of the church in a desperate way. (Hungry, Enslaved, Lost, Plagued) We would like to see radical change take place in the lives of those who fall into these categories both globally and locally.

In order to see this become a reality, Ax has partnered with a few organizations that are doing a great job giving assistance to these groups of people. By helping these organizations accomplish their mission, we can effectively change the lives of those in need. To find out more watch the video on each page.

Global & Local Organizations

World Vision

World Vision

World Vision fights hunger around the globe with short-term emergency food aid and long-term agricultural solutions to help people feed their own communities.

Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry serves the poor globally, providing short-term emergency relief and long-term work to end world hunger. More than 90% of their staff members are citizens of the countries they serve.

food for the poor

Food for the Poor

Food For The Poor feeds millions of people throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. They work to provide destitute communities with the means of becoming self-sustaining and capable of feeding themselves.



Neverthirst works in the most difficult areas of the world to bring clean water to the poor through the local church.



Life Straw provides clean water to save the lives of people throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America by distributing LifeStraw® Personal water purifiers. Dirty water is made safe to drink as it is sucked through the straw, and it can be used by a child for a year of clean drinking water. 

IV Food Pantry

Illinois Valley Food Pantry

Hunger exists everywhere in America. It does not matter if you live in an urban, suburban or rural setting – hunger has no boundaries.