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Because Why

The story of Jesus's resurrection is an amazing story, but why do people believe it? It's ok to ask questions and the answers may even change your life. So ask… because why?


Because Why? — Because Jesus is Alive

Was the story of Jesus Christ's ressurection more than just a story? What historical facts are there of Him really raising from the dead? And why does it matter to us today?


Sometimes Christians don't have good answers for these questions and act offended when people ask them. Many would just say "because", but that's not good enough.These questions have answers and they may even change your life. So feel free to ask… because why?


This Changes Everything

How life as we know it was forever changed by the ressurection of Jesus Christ.


Cameron teaches from the story in Luke 8 about 4 different soils and how this applies to our lives.

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Because Jesus is alive — Cameron Graper

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