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RC and Ritz

Break down the rituals surrounding communion and discover Jesus in whatever you use to remember the Last Supper...even if that is RC and Ritz crackers.


Communion — RC and Ritz

A lot of people turn communion into a religious ritual. Did Jesus intend that when he held the Last Supper? Are the bread and wine something sacred?


Communion is not about a religious ceremony, it is about every day looking at our food and drink and realizing that our strength does not simply come from this meal.... it comes from Jesus! Whatever you have can be communion: why? Communion is not about the bread and wine... its about....JESUS.


could It Be Me?

Investigate the Last Supper and learn from the disciples as they asked themselves if they were the one who would betray Jesus.


Debbie explains communion and why we should remember what Jesus did for us.

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