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King of the Ring

The Lean Nazarene, The Bethlehem Kid, The Carpenter's Son, The Lion of Judah...Jesus wasn't a weak man. Look at Jesus in light of wrestling and find out if Jesus would be the real King of the Ring.


King of the Ring — Who Would Jesus Disrespect?

In order to be the king of the ring in wrestling you have to know how to do a few things. One of them is trash talk. Suprisingly, Jesus trash talked quite a few times.


If our goal is to be more like Christ we have to ask ourselves, WWJD : who would Jesus direspect?



Crushed Testicles

In the book of Leviticus God gave Moses a command for all future priests that they are to be free of imperfections, including crushed testicles! What in the world can we learn from this?! Turns out, quite a bit.

Highway to Hell

Is there really a "highway" to hell or a "stairway" to heaven? What if these classic rock anthems actually have more truth in them than originally thought?

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