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Messed up

The dirty truth is that being a Christian is messy and full of failure...and that's ok. Jesus uses our shortcomings and our past to give us a brilliant future.

Communion — RC and Ritz

A lot of people turn communion into a religious ritual. Did Jesus intend that when he held the Last Supper? Are the bread and wine something sacred?

Romantically Inclined

Sex, dating, 50 Shades of Gray... Does God's version of romance match up with how our society defines it?

At the Movies 2013

Find timeless truths revealed in Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. At the Movies 2013.


Family, friends, Pinterest. Our world is full of pithyadvice. When we look at it compared to scripture we see that a lot of it is just wisdumb.



What do you do when you just can't seem to do what you know you ought to do?


Wedding Vows

In the Bible our relationship with Jesus is often talked about as a parable of a bride and groom.

5 Cities

A plan to expand our vision as a church to include Lasalle, Peru, Oglesby, Spring Valley and Utica.

Stairway to Heaven

Take a look at the truth and fiction inside each verse of this iconic song by Led Zepplin.

Highway to Hell

Is there really a "highway" to hell or a "stairway" to heaven? What if these classic rock anthems actually have more truth in them than originally thought?

Rocky Road

How to navigate busyness, offenses, frenemies, and religion on your path with God.

Because Why?

The story of Jesus's resurrection is an amazing story, but why do people believe it? It's ok to ask questions and the answers may even change your life. So ask… because why?

Could it be Me?

Investigate the Last Supper and learn from the disciples as they asked themselves if they were the one who would betray Jesus.

Money Don't Grow on Trees

Either we control our money, or our money will control us. Learn how we can master our finances and keep God number one.

Prayer Changes Things Us

People say prayer changes things. It looks nice on a sign but is that all prayer is really about? What if we've been praying wrong all this time?


A 5-step process that can develop your faith in order to accomplish all that God has called you to be.