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The word slave doesn’t really bring up good feelings in us. It's a terrible thing. So why do so many people in the Bible say they are slaves to Christ, but also say they have freedom?


Slave to Sin or Slave to Christ

Being a slave basically means you aren't allowed to go where you want, be who you want, or do what you want. Being captive is the opposite of freedom... so how then do we see people like Paul, Peter, James and Jude say that they have freedom in Christ also go on to say that they are slaves of Christ?

It all seems confusing and contradictory, but the Bible says we all will be a slave to something.



In the Face of Fear

Being a Christian creates lots of uncomfortable and even hostile situations in our lives. Learn how to embrace boldness in the face of fear.

Highway to Hell

Is there really a "highway" to hell or a "stairway" to heaven? What if these classic rock anthems actually have more truth in them than originally thought?

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