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The Next Step

When it comes to faith it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. Day 1 or year 50, you are just responsible for taking the next step.


The Next Step – Serving

 All of us are in the same place basically: we know some stuff about God, but we all want to know more. We ask ourselves questions about God, sin, and how we should live our lives. God hasn’t abandoned us to figure life out on our own.


STATUS AND SOLIDARITY WITH GOD IS SHAPED BY SERVING. Jesus said even He came to serve and help other people. If we want to be close to God, it's critical that we humble ourselves and serve other people.




A 5-step process that can develop your faith in order to accomplish all that God has called you to be.

Messed Up

The dirty truth is that being a Christian is messy and full of failure...and that's ok. Jesus uses our shortcomings and our past to give us a brilliant future.

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