A group for you

At Ax Church, our mantra is Love God, Love Everyone. Groups are the perfect place these two blend together. We believe that circles are better than rows and that your faith is only as strong as the people you walk through life with. That is why we want every person involved with Ax Church to be part of a Group.

These Groups meet at different times and locations throughout the week. Every group is a little different. Some are married couples, some are singles, some are just men or women, and some even have children involved. The focus of the groups is to become closer to God and closer to the friends you have at Ax Church.


We believe that every person needs a HI 5. (Human Interaction with 5 key people) If you are considering whether or not you should join a group, take the time to listen to this message Cameron taught about friends and how important they are.

How to get involved

Throughout the year, we host GroupLink, where people are able to come together and find groups that will work for them. Check out our events page to see when the next one is coming up. If a GroupLink is not coming up anytime soon you can still jump into an existing group. Shoot an email to our Director of Groups and she will connect you to a group that fits your schedule and needs!