How to start a subgroup

Starting a subgroup is as easy as finding other people who want to meet with you! Groups are all about people, so as long as you have the people first then it's easy to figure out all the other details.

First, pickup a subgroup leader application at guest services or download the copy to the left. A pre-requisite is that you have to have been part of a subgroup before leading a subgroup.

If you've already filled out the leader application in the past you don't need to fill it out again, go ahead and just fill out the subgroup planning form included in the download to the left.

Steps to start a subgroup

1. Fill out a subgroup leader application
2. Find a co-leader and helper who would like to be in the group with you
3. Determine what the focus of the group will be (friendship, discipleship, service, etc…)
and who the group will be for (men, women, couples, teens, sports nuts, bookworms, etc…)
4. Decide when, where, and how often the group will meet (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
5. Fill out a subgroup application and turn it in
6. Watch the subgroup leader video online
7. Come to subgroup Q and A
8. Fill out the subgroup catalog application and turn it in
9. Setup a table at the subgroup expo to have more people join your group