HELP is the mission strategy for Ax Church. This represents four main groups of people which need the assistance of the church in a desperate way. (Hungry, Enslaved, Lost, Plagued) We would like to see radical change take place in the lives of those who fall into these categories both globally and locally.

In order to see this become a reality, Ax has partnered with a few organizations that are doing a great job giving assistance to these groups of people. By helping these organizations accomplish their mission, we can effectively change the lives of those in need. To find out more watch the video on each page.

Global & Local Organizations

a21 campaign

The A21 Campaign

The A21 Campaign provides victims of human trafficking with a safe environment and access to medical care, education, counseling, and legal assistance.



Love146 combats child trafficking and exploitation through prevention in countries that are among the predominant centers of the child sex trafficking and slavery industry.

Trafficking Hope

Trafficking Hope

There are an estimated 100,000 minors in the commercial sex trade in the United States; this organization works to develop relationships with those who are trafficked so that they can most effectively aid and rescue them.



FAAST (Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking) works to end human trafficking and restore survivors.

Unearthed Pictures

Unearthed Pictures

Unearthed Pictures is using the Gospel to kill sexual exploitation at its root, in the hearts and desires of men. Sexual brokenness is one of the enemy's primary weapons to destroy God's work, and until we see the hearts and desires of men change, we won't see sexual exploitation change.

Freedom House

Freedom House

Freedom House serves the residents of Bureau, Henry, Marshall, Putnam, and Stark counties, providing a safe and free haven for victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children.